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Sat Jul 06 09:25:32 UTC 2013

A contains everything you need to create your own LampCMS powered Q&A site.
Official ZIP file distribution includes minified versions of .css and .js files

Zip archive also contains lampcms.phar which is the entire structure of the lib directory in one archive file

If you don't plan on modifying source code of the core library then using lampcms.phar may be the better option

Using a lampcms.phar (included inside the zip archive) is also preferred when running multiple Q&A websites powered by single LampCMS library

Download the latest LampCMS ZIP archive

The latest development code is available at Github.

The code on Github does not have minified .css and .js files and should be run in debug mode (you enable or disable debug mode in !config.ini config file)

lampcms.phar file is not available on github as it is generated only during the build of the official zip archive release

Official LampCMS Github repository