Check requirements

Make sure you using php at least 5.3 with all
required php extensions. Curl, oAuth (if you want to use login with Twitter)
and mongo extension for connecting to MongoDB database.


Download, unpack the files into the root dir of your website
the ‘www’ directory of the project will become your website’s root folder.
This way the /lib/ and !config.ini file are not accessible from the browser. 
This is a proffered way.


Download the latest GeoLite City from maxmind website (Choose Binary Format ) and 
copy it to the root directory of Lampcms as GeoLiteCity.dat file. 
You don’t need to download any libraries from maxmind, we already have 
all required classes, all you need is the actual binary file.
Name of this file must match the value in /lib/Lampcms/Object.php
const GEOIP_FILE = ‘GeoLiteCity.dat’;

It’s quite large file, around 40MB, that’s why
we don’t include a copy with Lampcms and instead you should download the latest version
from maxmind.


Make the www dir your root web directory.


IMPORTANT 4 lines below! Read it, do it. Anyone who failed to do these 4 steps and then asks for support related to failure to rename these files will be put on an “Idiots” list. 
Request for support from these users are given lowest priority

Rename !config.ini.dist to !config.ini

Rename acl.ini.dist to acl.ini

Rename Points.php.dist to Points.php

Rename Mycollections.php.dist to Mycollections.php
This is an empty file but is still required. 
It can be used if you need to define your own custom Mongo Collections that are not part of official distribution

Create new database on your MySQL server,
enter this database’s details into the 
[DB]section of !config.ini file


Edit !config.ini and enter some values for your new site.

Make sure to enter correct value for EMAIL_ADMIN address
Then navigate to index.php, click on Create account link and create account using the same email address as in EMAIL_ADMIN in !config.ini 
This will create your administrator account.


Make sure the ‘w’ subdirectory or www and all its’ subdirectories are writable.
The generated Captcha images and user avatars will be saved in there.


For Apache server use RewriteRules.txt to setup
rewrite rules either in .htaccess or in the httpd.conf 
For Lighttpd web server use lighttpd.conf
and just copy to your Lighttpd config file. 

Nginx users – rewrite rules will probably be similar to
the ones found in lighttpd.txt
Restart web server and point to /index.php on your new site.

Any problems – use our support site to ask questions. We are here to help.