LampCMS is a full-featured Open Source Internet Q&A program written in PHP

It’s exciting to see a modern open source software available for the public. This week, the LampCMS developers announced the release of their new open source Internet Q&A program written in PHP. This full-featured software solution can be used to build a knowledge base or Q&A section on any website, blog, or forum.

Unlike more static FAQ pages found on other websites, LampCMS is dynamic and encourages interactions between users. It allows users to post questions and answers which are then displayed on the associated web page. Creators of the program believe that hosting content this way allows for more engagement than traditional methods. And the upvotes, downvotes and stars give users credit for contributing quality content.

Creators also appreciate LampCMS’s security features which include user authentication and web page moderation tools. This means that site owners will have better control over who can post and what appears on their internet pages.

Installing and using LampCMS is simple even for those with no programming experience because it is built on the widely used MVC structure and written in intuitive PHP code. What’s more, if you have experience with Zend Framework you can integrate it quickly and easily.

The Q&A market is an ever-growing segment of the internet, with a myriad of offerings vying to be the platform of choice for queries and answers. Recently, a new open source platform has emerged that offers users a comprehensive suite of features for asking and answering questions. LampCMS is a full-featured Open Source Internet Q&A program written in PHP that prides itself on providing users with a high level of functionality, security, scalability and flexibility in building their Q&A websites.

Built from the ground up to provide performance, LampCMS focuses on simplifying the process of creating and managing a vibrant Q&A site. With features that range from basic question handling to more advanced functions like tag support, search engine optimizations, custom designs and analytics reporting tools, it is easy to see why LampCMS has gained such popularity within the development community. The platform also includes integrations with social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, which allows users to easily post questions and answers directly from these services.

Questions can be composed either by user-accounts created by site administrators or anonymously and votes may be cast by any registered or anonymous user. Furthermore, questions can be tagged so as to better categorize them for more effective searching. Possible answers to questions are presented singly, along with a choice for users which best answers the question asked. The correct answer may even be highlighted with a visual indicator so as to designate it as being ‘official.’

What sets LampCMS apart from other platforms currently on the market is its modular design. This ensures easy integration with other applications such as membership platforms, polls & surveys and analytics solutions while allowing you to see progress or trends in real time. Additionally, LampCMS allows users to configure their own workflows in order to create unique experiences that meets any specific need they may have. Plus its completely free which makes it a great option for developers who don’t have budget constraints.

Overall LampCMS represents an all-in-one solution for those looking for a robust Q&A platform that provides flexibility, scalability and ease of customization at an unbeatable price – free!

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