LampCMS is a full-featured Open Source Internet Q&A program written in PHP

LampCMS is a full-featured Open Source Internet Q&A program written in PHP. It provides a complete system for managing and maintaining your website, by combining the power of a content management system with the ability to handle all of your internet questions.

LampCMS is an open source, self-hosted content management system (CMS) written in PHP.

The main goal of LampCMS is to be a simple and secure CMS for small to medium sized sites.

LampCMS was originally created by Christoph Rumpf on the 3rd of May 2006 as a single file PHP script with only two configuration options. It has since grown into a full featured and extensible CMS with over 350 configuration options, dozens of plugins and themes, as well as support for multiple databases and web servers.

LampCMS is a web-based, open source content management system. It provides developers with the freedom to manage their own data in a more flexible way.

It is written in PHP, which can be used on any web server that supports PHP.

This CMS has been created with developers in mind. It’s approachable and understandable, while still being powerful and advanced enough to cater for the needs of development teams of all sizes.

LampCMS is an Open Source project that provides a PHP-based software for building and managing websites. It is designed to be fast and efficient with a user-friendly interface.

The interface of LampCMS is designed to be very user friendly with a menu at the top level to access different functions of the CMS. LampCMS also allows you to manage content by creating pages, adding images, uploading files and editing option.

LampCMS is a full-featured Open Source Internet Q&A program written in PHP. It’s primarily intended to serve as a basic level of web building for the average person.

Currently, LampCMS supports 21 different languages and 16 databases. It also has many features, including.

LampCMS is a fully featured CMS written in PHP. It’s free, open source software and available under the GNU General Public License. LampCMS provides small businesses, large organizations and individuals with a simple, affordable and powerful way to create professional quality web pages with little or no technical knowledge required.

The CMS is a product of the community effort led by Martijn de Boer and can be downloaded from the project page on SourceForge. LampCMS should work on any Web hosting service that meets its minimum requirements of PHP 4.3+ (5.6+ recommended).

LampCMS is an Open Source Internet Q&A program written in PHP. It is a full-featured Q&A software stack to power a human-driven Q&A site.

LampCMS brings the well known model of Stack Overflow but with a different approach.

It’s designed to help users find answers to their questions in an interactive way and it allows them to submit their own questions and answers too.

LampCMS is a free, open-source content management system. LampCMS is written in PHP and uses MySQL database. It was originally designed as an alternative to closed source CMSs such as Drupal, Joomla!, or WordPress. Lampcms also has a higher level of web application security that its counterparts because it does not need to rely on third party plugins for functionality.

Open source means that the code is freely available for any person to download, modify and use the code for their own purposes. These modifications can then be shared with others who want to make their own modifications which would require them to make the changes themselves without relying on a developer or anyone else for help in coding design or functionality changes.

LampCMS is a user-friendly, open source php application that allows you to create an online community and manage it without any hassle.

The goal of LampCMS is to provide a fast, powerful and secure web framework in PHP language. It has been specially designed to create dynamic websites that are both easy and intuitive to use.

The LampCMS software was written by British student Haddon Clark in 2000 and since then it has been constantly improved.

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