Things we are currently working on, in order of priority (more or less)

e also keep track of the current “todo” list on our Issue tracker so make sure to check it often. Make sure to also look in Closed issues to see what has been completed recently

Ability to have link in post will start with about 30, else need moderation.

Write Internationalization class and add admin interface to add language strings. Use Mongo to store strings.

Move YUI2-based script include.js into YUI3 based qa.js so that eventually there is only 1 js file to download. Lots of scripts has already
been moved from include.js to qa.js, but there are still plenty of other things to move.

Use extra domains to serve js and css files, serve them minified and with cache header.

Keep track of activity per user.

Some time later:

Custom Session handler to use Mongo for php session with method to easily show ‘who’s online and where they are online’
For example “reading question “How to make a widget” with a link to it. Or Viewing recent questions…
Widgets to embed site

Other ideas that may be suggested by users.